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UNCLE VANYA – Chalk Repertory Theatre at the Neutra Institute Museum


Photo courtesy of Chalk Rep Theatre

Bob Verini  -   Stage Raw

On a stage — and as often as not, in everyday life, but certainly on a stage — when a character announces, “I’m dying of boredom,” there’s always something else, something deeper going on. With those four spoken words, a character can communicate almost anything: “I’m hot to do something exciting; what can you suggest?” or “You disgust me and I can’t wait until you’re out of my presence,” or even “I would love it if you’d undress me and pitch mad, passionate love. em>Read more…

Steven Leigh Morris  – LA Weekly

Chalk Rep’s Uncle Vanya (a new version by Libby Appel, based on Allison Horsley’s original translation, and directed by Larissa Kokernot) recalls Louis Malle’s 1994 film Vanya on 42nd Street, in that it’s almost like a rehearsal of the play, dutifully rendered. Read more…

Now playing through March 15.

END OF THE RAINBOW at International City Theatre


Neal Weaver  – Stage Raw

Some years before Judy Garland’s death, she appeared at a star-studded benefit for the Actors Studio in New York, alongside Carole Channing, Ava Gardner, Shelley Winters and Josephine Premice — and Judy’s children, including Liza Minelli. Judy wore a black satin evening suit, which emphasized her matchstick legs, the result of years of abuse of drugs and alcohol. Read more…

Melinda Schupmann – Arts In LA

Great talent is often accompanied by great torment. Judy Garland’s life was filled with frequent affairs, failed marriages, suicide attempts, and professional struggles even as she was declared by many to be the world’s greatest entertainer. Read more…

Now playing through March 15.