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GUS’S FASHION & SHOES at Vs. Theatre Company

Photo by Azul DelGrasso

Photo by Azul DelGrasso

Steven Leigh Morris – LA Weekly

Ron Klier’s new play at Vs. Theatre Company, Gus’s Fashion & Shoes, is the second in a St. Louis–based trilogy about police/minority relations, Cops & Friends of Cops being the first in 2013. The third is yet to come. Read more…

Margaret Gray – LA Times

The characters in Ron Klier’s new play “Gus’s Fashions & Shoes,” premiering at Vs. Theatre, are so colorful, argumentative and profane that they suggest the existence, and possibly the overuse, of some sort of David Mamet character generator app. Read more…

Pauline Adamek  – Stage Raw

Prior to the start of the show, the audience is blasted by gangster rap songs pumping through the speakers at an ear-splitting volume level — a fitting prelude to the edgy, darkly comedic drama that follows. Ron Klier’s Gus’s Fashions and Shoes is macho and talky, with all the action happening in the back room of a store and centering around five larger-than-life male characters. em>Read more…

Now running through May 30.

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