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CYMBELINE – The Porters of Hellsgate at the Whitmore-Lindley Theatre

Mandi Moss Holmes

Mandi Moss Holmes

Terry Morgan  -  Stage Raw

There’s a reason that Shakespeare’s Cymbeline doesn’t get produced very often. It’s not that it’s bad per se, but that it’s familiar without being extraordinary.
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Nice turnout for Nominees Reception, March 4th, 2013

Jitney director Ron OJ Parson and members of his cast: Charlie Robinson, Larry Bates, and James Watson. Photo by Dany Margolies.

It was a convivial group of actors, directors and theater artists of all kinds who mingled with the Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle (LADCC) members last night at the lovely theater space of Los Angeles Theatre Center (LATC) in Downtown LA.  Gathering were the nominees for this year’s LADCC awards ceremony.

The LATC is generously providing their venue for the awards night, to be held in two week’s time, on Monday, March 18, 2013.

Awards show host, French Stewart, was on hand, regaling party-goers with jokes and witty conversation.

A delectable buffet was supplied by Gwen Kenneally and her partner Rafet, from “Back to the Kitchen” Catering company,  that was 50% vegan fare and 100% delicious!

Enjoy the following photo essay of select attendees.

*** For more information and to order tickets to the awards event, please go here***


Photos by LADCC member and critic, Dany Margolies.


Rafael Goldstein, nominated for his lead performance in ‘Hamlet’ at Zombie Joe’s Underground Theater, and costume designer Angela Balogh Calin, costumer of ‘Cymbeline.’ Photo by Dany Margolies.




Actor Casey Kramer and set designers David Mauer and Hazel Kuang of Rogue Machine Theater Co. Photo by Dany Margolies.




Michael Arabian, director of ‘Waiting for Godot’; Lisa Pelikan, nominee in the ensemble category for ‘The New Electric Ballroom’; and Alan Mandell, ‘Waiting for Godot’ lead actor. Photo by Dany Margolies.








LADCC & LA Weekly Critics Pauline Adamek and Mayank Keshaviah. Photo by Dany Margolies.




Actor Melora Marshall and director Ellen Geer, siblings and representatives of the revival nominee play ‘Heartbreak House.’ Photo by Dany Margolies.




Publicist ‘extraordinaire’ Lynn Tejada and playwright Daniel Talbott, of Rattlestick Playwrights Theater. Photo by Dany Margolies.



Cymbeline, A Noise Within

Photo by Craig Schwartz.


Cymbeline by William Shakespeare.


Terry Morgan –

There are two primary reasons Shakespeare lovers should go see the new production of Cymbeline at A Noise Within. The first is that the play is rarely produced, and here’s an opportunity to experience it as done by one of the best classics-based theatre companies in town. The second reason is that one will rarely see this play so well performed. Director Bart DeLorenzo and an outstanding cast take this obscurity by the Bard and bring it to witty and boisterous life.   Read more…


Dany Margolies –

The pros make it look so easy. This production has the breezy feel of an itinerant theater troupe mounting an impromptu version of one of Shakespeare’s lesser-known plays. Most things that look easy, however, result from planning and practice. That, plus years of training contribute to making the dialogue sound improvised here. And of course we can’t see the probably madcap goings on backstage: the swift crossings, the costume and wig changes, the actors and crew waiting in the wings to execute the rapid, economical scene changes. Read more…