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THE FLYING LOVERS OF VITEBSK at the Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts


Steve Tanner

Margaret Gray – LA Times

Sometimes it’s fun to sashay into a theater cold, without the slightest notion of what you’re in for. But before seeing “The Flying Lovers of Vitebsk,” the Kneehigh Theatre production now at the Wallis in Beverly Hills, you might want to refresh your memory of the art of Marc Chagall.
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Dany Margolies – The Daily Breeze

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. And that’s particularly true if you’re a somewhat educated and somewhat well-read audience member.
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Now running through March 11

946: THE AMAZING STORY OF ADOLPHUS TIPS at the Wallis Center for the Performing Arts


Rob Stevens – Haines His Way

The Wallis in Beverly Hills has brought back Kneehigh, the English theatre company that presented Brief Encounter at the venue in 2014. The company also appeared locally in 2015 at South Coast Repertory with their take on Tristan & Yseult. Now they are back with , a mixed bag of an undertaking….Read more…

Terry Morgan  -  Stage Raw

William Faulkner’s famous quote “The past is never dead. It’s not even past.” is reconfigured in the new presentation by Britain’s Kneehigh Theatre into the refrain, “Not gone, just gone away,” referencing how history is always with us.    Read more…

Dany Margolies – The Daily Breeze

Like a cat that doesn’t want to be caught, theater that satisfies adults and children can be elusive. But Britain’s Kneehigh theater company caught an adorable cat firmly by the scruff with the company’s “946: The Amazing Story of Adolphus Tips,” at the Wallis in Beverly Hills through March 5….Read more…

Now running through March 5

TRISTAN AND YSEULT at South Coast Repertory


Following their astonishing­ Brief Encounter and The Wild Bride, the beguiling players from Kneehigh return to St. Ann’s Warehouse with this glorious adaptation of Tristan & Yseult. Based on an epic ancient tale from Cornwall, Tristan & Yseult revels i

Deborah Klugman – Stage Raw

One element that’s always appealed to me in the Tristan and Yseult story [this  version, anyway] has to do with how King Mark – a betrayed ruler and cuckolded husband -  declines to violently avenge himself on the erring lovers.  Although the opportunity is there, he forbears from plunging a dagger into their sleeping bodies……Read more…

Now running through February 22.