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BUSKERS BALL, Asylum @ McCadden Theatre – Hollywood Fringe Festival

Buskers Ball4

Rob Stevens – Haines His Way

The Merriam-Webster dictionary describes “busker” as chiefly British—a person who entertains in a public place for donations. The dictionary also defines “ball” as either a large formal gathering for social dancing or a very pleasant experience, a good time. Cassandra Moselle’s Buskers Ball at the Hollywood Fringe Festival seems to be dealing with Hollywood Boulevard hucksters (all female here) who I don’t think ever would call themselves buskers, hustlers maybe. And the resultant sixty minutes in their company was neither formal nor featured social dancing. Nor was it a very pleasant experience nor did it approach a good time. Read more…

Now through June 25

LYME DISEASE: THE MUSICAL, Let Live Theater at The Actors Company – Hollywood Fringe Festival

Photo courtesy of the artists

Photo courtesy of the artists

Rob Stevens – Haines His Way

Playwright Ellen Thompson started having serious health problems in 2014 with chronic pain in her knees, nausea and vomiting. Chronic fatigue and anxiety followed. Six doctors in over 10 months could not diagnose her symptoms. Finally in late 2015 she was diagnosed with late-stage Lyme disease. After treatments and a relapse, in 2021 she finally achieved 85% remission. She wrote, produced and directed an award-winning comedic music video “Pay Attention (For Lyme Disease Prevention)”. Now she has written the book and lyrics for her first musical (with music by Hughie Stone Fish), Lyme Disease: The Musical, which is premiering at the Hollywood Fringe Festival. Read more…

Now through June 26

SIGNALS at Asylum @ Thymele Arts – Hollywood Fringe Festival

Photo by Nick Griffith

Photo by Nick Griffith

Dana Martin – Stage Raw

There’s something shady going on at The Foundation. The top-secret, seemingly organized corporate hierarchy has something sinister contained within its walls. Signals, the latest innovation from Last Call Theatre, is a delicious sci- fi, choose-your-own-adventure for theater nerds. Read more…

Now through June 26

DOG at The Broadwater – Hollywood Fringe Festival

Photo by Paul Holmes

Photo by Paul Holmes

Deborah Klugman – Stage Raw

Ben Moroski won a Best of Fringe award in 2012 for The Vicious Minute and a Top of the Fringe award in 2014 for his solo performance of The Wake. This year he’s back at The Fringe with his latest solo piece, Dog— a downer of a tale nonetheless presented with the same singular, mesmerizing intensity he brought to his earlier ones.

This time his character —we never learn this character’s given name but his yesteryear buddies call him Dog — is a 30-something alcoholic, prone to blackout bouts of drinking and other diverse forms of destructive behavior.  “Dog” has recently been given the heave-ho by his girlfriend Diane after their small pet dog somehow fell — or leapt! — from their balcony to his death. Read more…

Tracey Paleo – Gia On The Move

It’s been quite the decade for playwright and performer, Ben Moroski. Since his 2012 debut of his autobiographical one-man show, “This Vicious Minute”, Moroski has been a notable solo story creator in Los Angeles theater.

Delivering one deliciously bizarre narrative after another, his award-winning Hollywood Fringe hits like, “The Wake” (HFF14) and “TILT” (HFF16), and now a new solo play have all but proclaimed a rising trajectory that doesn’t seem to be letting up anytime soon. DOG, written and performed by himself and directed by Jordan Lane Shappell, confirms that Moroski’s inspiring genius has further evolved. His skills, edge, enthusiasm for storytelling, and intensity in the work have not wavered.
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Now through July 30

THE TOXIC AVENGER at Sacred Fools Theatre


Photo by Rich Clark

David C. Nichols – LA Times

Radioactive laughter courses through Good People Theater Company’s “The Toxic Avenger,” wreaking sublimely silly havoc at the Hollywood Fringe Festival.    Read more…

Now running through June 26

HOLLYWOOD FRINGE FESTIVAL at various locations

Photo by Shing Yin Khor

Photo by Shing Yin Khor

Steven Leigh Morris  – LA Weekly

One of the Hollywood Fringe Festival’s many venues is an old van laden with graffiti and suitcases, with shrinelike decorations in the back. The vehicle, like the show that occurs within and around it, is called Hamlet-Mobile, a notion written and directed by Lauren Ludwig and presented by a company named the Moving Shadow. Read more…

Now running through June 28.


Earnest 6

Photo By Teena Pugliese


Les Spindle –  Frontiers L.A.

A new theatre company called Queer Classics lives up to its name with its unabashedly gay adaptation of the classic Oscar Wilde farce The Importance of Being Earnest, premiering at the Hollywood Fringe Festival. As with most of Wilde’s plays, there is something intrinsically queer about the sensibility of the original 1895 script, even though the characters were heterosexual. Read more…