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KING LEAR at The Wallis

Photo by Jason Williams

Photo by Jason Williams

Steven Leigh Morris – Stage Raw

Shakespeare’s play gets a Wooster Group-ish makeover in John Gould Rubin’s modern dress staging for the Wallis. Tech is omnipresent, almost omniscient. Narrow, vertical panels on both sides of the stage provide screens for Keith Skretch’s projection design, featuring striking images of fires and floods now generally associated with climate change. Read more…

Tracey Paleo – Gia On The Move

After three years of preparation, The Wallis somehow made the decision to greenlight a befuddling presentation of one of Shakespeare’s most powerful plays and its chief character in the process.  The result is detritus. Read more…

Now through June 3

KING LEAR at A Noise Within


Frances Baum Nicholson – The Daily News

It is an interesting new spin on Shakespeare’s “King Lear” to look at the downfall of this unwise ruler from the lens of Alzheimer’s disease. That is what director Julia Rodriguez-Elliott does in the production now in repertory at A Noise Within. Read more…

Now running through May 6

KING LEAR at the Broad Stage


Photo by Ellie Kurttz

Deborah Klugman – LA Weekly

 A production of Shakespeare’s King Lear imported from the Globe Theatre in London stirs all sorts of expectations. Surely no one can do Shakespeare better than the Brits. And besides, the play is one of the most highly regarded works of literature in the English language. Read more…



Dany Margolies  -  Arts In LA

This production purportedly re-creates an Elizabethan-style touring version of one of Shakespeare’s most-famous plays, presumably staging it the way the Bard’s contemporaries would have seen his plays. All the action is packed onto a small, portable, two-story structure. The motley costuming probably harkens to the days when actors wore their own clothing. The production uses no “theatrical” lighting, and the actors make their own sound effects. Read more…


Now running through November 16.

LEAR at the Theatricum Botanicum


Dany Margolies  -  Arts In LA

 Shakespeare’s King Lear has its potencies. Simply described, it follows the downfall of a once-powerful leader and the dysfunction of his family. Pondering his retirement, the monarch asks his three daughters to avow their love. The elder two, Goneril and Regan, lavish empty words on papa. The youngest, Cordelia, refuses to play that game, believing her actions of loyalty and respect will trump her sisters’ verbiage. Read more…

Now running through September 28.