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ZOMBIES cast photo

Deborah Klugman – LA Weekly

Zombies From The Beyond, which premiered off-Broadway in 1995, takes place in the Eisenhower Years, that era of dull certitude when the Soviet Union was America’s arch-enemy and the possibility of creatures from outer space invading the planet haunted American popular culture.  Read more…

Jonas Schwartz -  Arts In LA

The Visceral Company has revived Zombie From the Beyond: a goofy, jaunty spoof of Grade-Z horror movies like Ed Wood’s Plan Nine From Outer Space and the Zsa Zsa Gabor epic Queen of Outer Space. Capturing the tone of those bombastic, overwritten scripts; dead-tone acting; and bargain basement sets and special effects, this musical comedy fosters nostalgia for those creaky flicks from The Late, Late…Late Show. Read more…



Now running through July 20.

The Return to Morality, The Production Company at Lex Theatre

Caption: Christy Keller and Kevin Weisman.


The Return to Morality by Jamie Pachino.


Dany Margolies – ArtsinLA

Playwright Jamie Pachino twists our knickers for us while we watch a college professor­–turned–bestselling author foist and get foisted. Said author’s new book, intended as satire in its propagandizing of militant far-right ideas, becomes the flashpoint that incites the people it satirizes to commit destruction and murder. Too ludicrous for theater? Have you seen the news headlines lately? And, of course, a play about a satire begs for outrageous caricatures of ourselves: the media, politicos, and academics. Read more…