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THE GREAT DIVIDE at the Lillian Theatre

Photo by Bren Coombs

Photo by Bren Coombs

Paul Birchall  – Stage Raw

On a most straightforward level, playwright Lyle Kessler’s new dramedy is about the fractious relationship between two sons and their irascible, judgmental, curmudgeonly dad. However, Kessler’s work is concerned not merely with a family’s brawls, confrontations, and rage — as it appears on the surface. Read more…

Neal Weaver  – Arts In LA 

Playwright Lyle Kessler (Orphans) once said, while addressing the Playwrights Unit at The Actors Studio West where he was moderator, “I want to see blood and semen on the floor.”  Read more…

Deborah Klugman – LA Weekly

In Lyle Kessler’s The Great Divide, director David Fofi’s final production before departing the Elephant Stages, a father and two sons enmeshed in a lifetime of resentment and abuse replay their rancor in the presence of a one-armed psychopath and his sister.  Read more…

Now running through August 29.

MARRY ME A LITTLE at the Lillian Theatre


Les Spindle –  Edge on the Net

First presented in 1980, “Marry Me a Little” offers an entertaining compilation of songs by master composer-lyricist Stephen Sondheim, which he originally wrote for other musicals. Each song was dropped, for one reason or another, from its premiere production. Read more…

Now running through June 28.

RECORDED IN HOLLYWOOD at the Lillian Theatre

Photo by Ed Krieger

Photo by Ed Krieger

David C. Nichols – LA Times

A recurring pulse of pure exhilaration with purpose spins through “Recorded in Hollywood” at the Lillian Theatre.

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Now running through May 17.

THE FANTASTICKS at the Lillian Theatre


Neal Weaver  – ArtsInLA

When this modest little musical, with book and lyrics by Tom Jones and music by Harvey Schmidt, first opened Off-Broadway in 1960, no one could have predicted the astonishing success it would achieve. It ran for a grand 42 years, racking up an astronomical 17,162 performances, and has since been performed all over the world.   Read more…

Sharon Perlmutter  -  Talkin’ Broadway

Last year, Good People Theater Company burst onto the L.A. theatre scene at the Hollywood Fringe Festival with an honest, beautiful production of A Man of No Importance, which reduced me, not just to tears, but to genuine shoulder-shaking sobs. For its return to the Fringe, Good People aims not so much for sobs, but sniffles, with a production of The Fantasticks.   Read more…

Now running through June 29.

GOD’S GYPSY at the Lillian Theatre

Les Spindle – Frontiers L.A.
Coco Blignaut as Sister Teresa and Tsulan Cooper as sister Teresa and sister Angelica in the play God's Gypsy, Hollywood, Calif. photo by Silvia Spross

Religious fervor, scandal in the Catholic Church and the horrifying rule of the Inquisition in 16th century Spain form the backdrop for actor-playwright Coco Blignaut’s three-hour biographical opus, God’s Gypsy, in its world-premiere run. Based on the novel Sister Teresa by Barbara Mujica and directed by Joel Daavid, the ambitious production clearly reflects the dedicated efforts of several creative artists. Unfortunately, the project doesn’t fully succeed in its premiere rendition.
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Now running through January 12th.

REVELATION at the Lillian Theatre


Photo by Joel Daavid











David C. Nichols – LA Times

Armageddon arrives amid unrepentant lunacy in “Revelation” at the Lillian Theatre. Samuel Brett Williams’ pitch-black apocalyptic comedy isn’t quite cohesive structurally, but it’s a breakneck, often uproarious trek through hell on Earth.
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Now running through August 25.