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FLOWER DUET at the NoHo Senior Arts Colony

Photo by Ed Krieger

Photo by Ed Krieger

David C. Nichols – LA Times

The title of “Flower Duet,” in its West Coast premiere at the Road Theatre on Magnolia, refers to Leo Delibes’ celebrated “Lakmé” air for soprano and mezzo.

It is being rehearsed by two Vermont-based frenemies, for a mutual friends’ wedding, though the musical component is at best a device. What playwright Maura Campbell is really writing about is the transient nature of marital fidelity and friendship. Read more…

Neal Weaver  – Stage Raw

Playwright Maura Campbell did use the word flower in the title of her 2010 play, here in its West Coast premiere at the Road Theatre Company, but one wonders if she’d really approve of the fanatical insistence of director  and his designers in pursuing the flower imagery: There are flowers everywhere. Read more…

Now running through July 26.

LAKE ANNE at the NoHo Senior Arts Colony









Deborah Klugman – LA Weekly

Marthe Rachel Gold’s lumbering melodrama is a concoction of dramatic setups that never develops into an interesting or credible narrative. Widowed Anne (Laurie O’Brien), a former ballerina, lives with her grown mentally and physically disabled son, Will (Alex Smith), in a house that’s been owned by her family for generations. Although it’s about to be auctioned off, Anne refuses to sell it when someone makes her a generous direct offer. Read more…

Now running through November 9.