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THE TEMPEST at South Coast Repertory

Photo by Smith Center/Geri Codey

Photo by Smith Center/Geri Codey

Terry Morgan  -  Stage Raw

The current production of The Tempest at South Coast Repertory is the best version of the play I’ve ever seen.

It does something seemingly obvious, yet not so obvious that I’ve seen it before: It focuses on the magic. This isn’t to say that it skimps on vengeance, forgiveness or young love, but director/adaptors Aaron Posner and Teller bring the magic to the forefront, and it’s dazzling.  Read more… 

Myron Meisel – The Hollywood Reporter

There are no less than five productions of The Tempest this late summer in Southern California, a testament perhaps to the durable appeal of the play’s autumnal vision, all promising fresh variations — including no less than two female Prosperos. So perhaps tricking out the play’s fantastical manipulations of the elements and minds of men with stage prestidigitation (masterminded by celebrity co-director and adapter Teller) may not be such an outre innovation. Read more…

Now running through Sept. 27.

PLAY DEAD at the Geffen Playhouse

PlayDead05-L (1)

Photo by Michael Lamont

Pauline Adamek  – ArtsBeatLA

Striking a perfect balance between scares and laughs, Play Dead delivers plenty of delicious thrills, macabre chills and giggles. The one-act show features Todd Robbins as our ghoulish host and runs through December 22 at the Geffen Playhouse.
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Bob Verini -   ArtsInLA

Back in the heyday of the great movie palaces—roughly the Depression until TV conquered all sometime in the 1960s—many a management would supplement the regular bill of double-feature and selected shorts with late-night live magic shows. These last gasps of vaudeville, known as “spook shows,” proved to be a great training ground—for illusionists who yearned to practice their skills before an audience….

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Sharon Perlmutter  -  Talkin’ Broadway

Sure, I could nitpick Play Dead—the cross between a play and a magic show, sprinkled with a bit of haunted house, currently playing in the small Audrey Skirball Kenis theatre at the Geffen. But every time I start to do so, I keep coming back to the inescapable fact that I spent the great bulk of the show’s 80-minute running time with a great big smile on my face and my pulse racing—and I’m pretty darned sure that’s exactly what the show’s creators, Todd Robbins and Teller, were aiming for.Read more…


Now running through December 22.