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CAN’T PAY? DON’T PAY! at the Actors’ Gang

Photo by Ashley Randall

Photo by Ashley Randall

Dana Martin– Stage Raw

The Actor’s Gang has balls. Originally co- authored by Italian playwrights Dario Fo and Franca Rame in 1974 with current translation by Cam Deaver, Can’t Pay? Don’t Pay! addresses the effect inflation has on a fed-up, abused and browbeaten working class at the mercy of greedy, powerful, anonymous corporations while being slowly crushed under the weight of capitalism. The Actor’s Gang delivers a robust, in-your-face and technically marvelous production, but the story is dated and often feels more like a lecture than a call to action.  Read more…

Now running through April 24

WE LIVE ON at The Actors’ Gang

Stephanie Gal/ndo in We Live On at The Actors' Gang

Stephanie Gal/ndo in We Live On at The Actors’ Gang

Terry Morgan – Arts Beat L.A.

In 1970, journalist Studs Terkel released his book, Hard Times: An Oral History of the Great Depression, in which he interviewed people about living through that desperate time and how they made it through. Read more…

Now running through September 4


Photo by Dianna Olivia-Day

Photo by Dianna Olivia-Day

Dany Margolies – Arts In LA

Why is this Night different from all other Nights? To start with, it’s smart, it’s imaginative, it’s beautiful, it makes sense of the peculiar world Shakespeare created. It takes the titular dream to heart, as characters shape-shift and locales subtly morph. Still, the text is clear. Under the direction of Tim Robbins and starring a mere 12 actors, it’s one of the best versions to have graced LA stages in recent decades. Read more…

Now running through August 31.