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MIDDLETON at Chance Theatre

Photo by Doug Catiller

Photo by Doug Catiller

Jonas Schwartz -  TheaterMania

Middletown, a delicate, essentially plotless play about Anywhere, U.S.A., and how human connection is essential for our survival, requires actors to be able to fill the void that playwright Will Eno has left in the script. Read more…

Now running through May 19

THOM PAIN (BASED ON NOTHING) at the Geffen Playhouse


Photo by Michael Lamont

Myron Meisel – Stage Raw

…Will Eno’s acclaimed Thom Pain (based on nothing) arrives in Los Angeles after a decade of playing virtually everywhere else. Read more…

Jonas Schwartz -  TheaterMania

Thom Pain is antagonistic toward his audience. He shouts at them, starts tangents that he suddenly drops, draws seemingly interminable pauses, and rambles on about stories that lead nowhere. This Pulitzer Prize finalist, written by Will Eno, will invigorate or infuriate one depending on their perspective but it is doubtful audiences have seen anything resembling this monologue before. Read more…

Now running through February 14.