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VANYA AND SONIA AND MASHA AND SPIKE at International City Theatre.


Dany Margolies – The Daily Breeze

Three great characters of classic dramatic literature don’t exactly appear in Christopher Durang’s tender comedy “Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike.” But they inspire the personalities and circumstances of the play, and show us what’s in a name, in this production from Long Beach’s International City Theatre. Read more…

Shirle Gottlieb – Stage Happenings

Any theater aficionado can tell you that Anton Chekhov was one of the world’s leading playwrights. Born in Russia in the last half of the 19th-Century, he lived in poverty with an abusive father–in a, controlling country with a rigid class structure–until he put himself though medical school and became a doctor. With a  humanitarian outlook on life, Chekhov helped those in need during the day; and wrote his impressions of life as he knew it at night. Read more…

Now running through July 3

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