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Harker Jones

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BroadwayWorld, Arts in LA

Harker Jones has always been a lover of words and story, so he started writing at 13 and got a double major in telecommunications and film and written communication, and a minor in literature (not all when he was 13). He was managing editor of Out magazine for seven years, wrote countless music reviews for, wrote features and film reviews for Moving Pictures magazine, did a two-year stint in porn, and followed that up with time at Disney Publishing.

He’s written two novels, six screenplays, and a children’s book about a bird who’s afraid to fly. He volunteers for both the Center for Inquiry and Project Angel Food, and is a lifelong lover of horror films, cats, autumn, and the color purple. He lives in Los Angeles with his partner and their cat, Holly. His nickname is Juice (Juicy, Jungle Juice, Juicers, etc.). He likes to travel, wants to be a pop star, and enjoys carbs. And he’s in Mensa!

Harker joined the Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle in 2017.