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SHADES at Macha Theatre

Photo courtesy Macha Theatre

Photo courtesy Macha Theatre

Neal Weaver – Stage Raw

Tom Hartley’s comedy concerns teenager Miguel (Armando Broncas) who’s in deep denial about his homosexual feelings, ‘till his girlfriend Nuria (Catherine Mersereau) gives him a mysterious pair of sunglasses through which he can see the aura of those around him. Straights, it seems, have blue auras, while gays have red ones. When he looks in the mirror while wearing the shades he discovers his aura is decidedly red.

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  1. I came with 3 friends to this play last weekend and everyone really liked it.

    The theater was busting up laughing almost the whole way through it. This reviewer talks about the characters being stereotypical, yet then describes un-stereotypical traits. A catholic latina mom that is happy her son came out, what a refreshing change from [insert any other coming out story here]. And what i got out of her monologue was the actual reason that she changed her mind and started to accept her son. Maybe this reviewer went to the restroom during that time.

    All in all we had a good time at this show. I do agree that the nudity was so brief that as soon as the pants came off, the lights went down. Hey, us older gay men wanna stare for just a minute or so!

    The acting by such a young cast was very refreshing. Everyone seemed to know their role and played it well. The girlfriend, can’t remember her name, was my favorite.

    Don’t look for Shades on broadway anytime soon, it’s not that kind of play. But if you want laugh out loud fun for a couple hours with friends, this is the play to see.

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