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TARTUFFE at South Coast Repertory Theatre

Photo by Ben Horak

Photo by Ben Horak

Bob Verini – Stage Raw

South Coast Repertory’s Tartuffe is something to witness, in every sense of the phrase. Audacious and thought-provoking, maddening and enlightening by turns, it’s a worthy addition to the venerable company’s anniversary celebration in its categorical refusal to follow a conventional pathway to the classic that kicked off SCR operations a half-century ago. Read more…

Now running through June 8.


  1. Since Buehler didn’t answer Bob Verini’s question, let me: yes, someone had the balls to set Tartuffe in an “absolutist, fundamentalist regime in which theocracy is a threat not just to its citizens’ comfort, but to their very lives.”

    Ariane Mnouchkine and the Théâtre du Soleil created a remarkable version of Tartuffe (using the original text) in France in 1994 (Festival d’Avignon) and 1995 (la Cartoucherie, Paris.) The fact that it was set in contemporary islamist North Africa was just one of its eye-opening characteristics. A truly original theatre experience.

    Mnouchkine later helped found Aftaab Theatre in Afghanistan and in 2006, they brought their production of Tartuffe (yes, set in Afghanistan) to France.

    Short video clips of both can be found using our friend Google.

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