2004 Special Awards

THE MARGARET HARFORD AWARD for sustained excellence in theatre
Funded by Pacific Resident Theatre
Dakin Matthews

THE TED SCHMITT AWARD for world premiere of an outstanding new play
Funded by Z. Clark Branson
Dakin Matthews, The Prince of L.A.

THE BOB Z AWARD for lifetime achievement in set design
Funded by the Fountain Theatre
Tom Buderwitz

THE ANGSTROM AWARD for lifetime achievement in lighting design
Funded by Angstrom Lighting
Steven Young

THE NATALIE SCHAFER AWARD for an emerging comic actress
Funded by the Natalie Schafer Trust
Kirsten Vangsness

THE POLLY WARFIELD AWARD for an excellent season/year in a small-to- mid-sized theatre
Funded by donations from the theatre community
The Black Dahlia Theatre

Gordon Davidson