Frequently Asked Questions:

Hey Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle! Can you assign some critics to come to review my show?
At the LADCC, we are an organization of theater critics, not a publication, so we don’t send critics out on assignments.

Oh! Well, how on earth can I get some critics to see my show?!
You can see the full list of current members of the LADCC by clicking here.

How can I get my performance—or my show—considered for your annual awards? 
You—or your PR representative—must invite all members of the Circle to see your show. Additionally, every show must be seen by a percentage of the membership to qualify for an award nomination.

Hi! I’m a theater critic. How can I apply for membership in the Circle? 
For information regarding membership in the Circle, please write to us here for a list of the minimum qualifications needed to qualify and be considered for membership.

Will contacting the LADCC help me to get one or more critics to cover my show?
No, it will not. The role of the LADCC is to produce its annual awards and work together as a group to promote local theater. Critics (and their editors) make their own decisions as to what they will see and cover, and those decisions are independent of LADCC activities.

How can I persuade one or more critics to cover my show?
Press releases sent to Circle members are the most common approach. Releases can be sent directly to Circle members whose names are available on our site and whose contact info can be obtained by emailing us here. Professionally presented releases—properly written and formatted, without typographical errors—are usually the most effective. You may wish to work with one of the LA area’s many professional PR people, whose input may lend more clout and credibility to your marketing efforts.