IMMEDIATE FAMILY at the Mark Taper Forum

Photo by Craig Schwartz

Deborah Klugman – LA Weekly

Sometimes it’s OK to be predictable if what you have to say bears saying again.

Immediate Family, Paul Oakley Stovall’s first play now making its L.A. debut at the Mark Taper Forum, starts out as a high-spirited comedy, a kind of super-polished sitcom that centers on a group of African-American siblings who grew up in upscale Hyde Park outside Chicago.  Read more…

Jonas Schwartz –  TheaterMania

It is not surprising that beloved TV mom Phylicia Rashad takes the helm of the new familial comedy Immediate Family at the Mark Taper Forum.  The former matriarch of The Cosby Show uses her eight years of living in a TV family to help her actors form credible performances as brothers and sisters who argue, laugh, and horseplay just like siblings who have spent much of their lives together, adding something very special to this average comedy.  Read more…

Bob Verini –   Arts In LA

If you didn’t know, going in, that the director of Immediate Family had a background in TV sitcoms, you’d get the hint in the first 10 minutes. The opening dialogue is that forced, the bickering banter that aggressive, the pace that frantic. Read more…

Now running through June 7.