Socks Whitmore


Socks (they/them) files for:

Stage Raw

Socks Whitmore is an agender/gender non-conforming performer, composer, and storyteller rooted in voice and text.

As a stage, screen, & voice actor, Socks has originated roles of all genders in musicals, immersive theater, feature films, animations, podcasts, video games, and audiobooks. On fancier occasions, they’ve performed in renowned spaces such as the Grand Ole Opry, Carnegie Hall, and the Sydney Opera House.

Socks’ creative work as a creative musician and wordsmith spans from live performance to digital media to print, including music theater, choral music, audio dramas, narrative design for games, poetry, short fiction, op-eds, and more. Their collaborations for stage include the opera MARROW, Back to One: A Coming of Self Musical, and the mental health musical We Are Here. Socks has been produced by New Musicals Inc., Overtone Industries, & Feminist Fairytales, and published by American Composers Forum, Sappho Small Talk, Translash Media, & Queer Quarterly magazine, among others. They are also a staff critic with Stage Raw and a board member of the Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle.

To top it all off, Socks is a co-founder & facilitator of the trans vocal group 8TPS, a producing partner at the trans-led events production company,, and the creative director at the gender-expansive Bolero Game Studio. A self-described “professional overachiever,” Socks likes to keep busy—if they’re not on stage, set, or their laptop, they can be found watching bad movies and amassing large amounts of socks.

Socks joined the LADCC in 2022.


Facebook: @sockland

Instagram: @sockswhitmore

X (formerly known as Twitter): @SocksWhitmore


LinkedIn: Socks Whitmore