Neverwhere, Sacred Fools Theatre Company

Photo by Jessica Sherman.

Neverwhere by Robert Kauzlaric, adapted from the novel written by Neil Gaiman.

Pauline Adamek – LA Weekly

After assisting a distraught and injured woman named Door (Paula Rhodes), a milquetoast office worker named Richard (Bryan Bellomo) embarks on a journey that draws him into a fantastical subterranean world that lies beneath London. Neil Gaiman’s Wizard of Oz-esque story promises a magical subculture of strange characters, terrifying beasts and exciting twists and turns, but director Scott Leggett’s disappointing production delivers a meandering fairytale of a series of myth-like quests that lack tension or genuine threat.  Read more…

Terry Morgan – LAist

Over the years I’ve come to respect Sacred Fools Theater Company as one of the most adventurous theatre groups in town. Its history is full of big shows that seem too ambitious for the space and financial means, but time and again the company triumphs, from shows such as The Mystery of Edwin Drood and Gorey Stories in the past to Watson and Stoneface in the present. They’ve done it again with Neverwhere, a big-canvas fantasy that, while rough around the edges, still preserves the charm and magic of Neil Gaiman’s novel.  Read more…