NOCTURNE at The Other Space

Photo by Ute Ville

Neal Weaver  – Arts in LA

Adam Rapp’s haunting solo-drama startles with its very first line: “Fifteen years ago I killed my sister.” Then the narrator, who is identified only as The Son (Belgian actor George Regout), goes on to reveal the circumstances of the death. When he was 19, he was driving home on a dark night and suddenly saw the figure of his little sister looming up before him. He tried frantically to stop, but his brake-line was broken. The car hit his sister and decapitated her. Read more…

David C. Nichols – LA Times

“Fifteen years ago I killed my sister.” That stark, matter-of-fact statement launches “Nocturne,” and its embedded significance is inexorable and intense.

Adam Rapp’s hypnotic, intricately written elegy for the fallout from an unimaginable family tragedy receives a resolute production, in which noted Belgian actor George Regout makes an impressive North American stage debut as a 32-year-old former piano prodigy struggling to transcend the event that decimated his family and upended his life.
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Now running through March 9.