The Neurology of Trauma and the Qualities of Mercy

Deborah Klugman – Stage Raw 

Playwright Martin Zimmerman Discusses ‘Seven Spots on the Sun’

In Seven Spots on the Sun (Boston Court Performing Arts Center through November 1), a doctor in a war-torn country discovers that, with a laying on of his hands, he can cure a plague. One question in Martin Zimmerman’s play is, given the doctor’s grief and rage at how local politics has decimated his purpose in life, does he really want to be a miracle worker? Zimmerman discusses this, and other aspects of his play, his writing, and of human love and cruel

STAGE RAW:  The play takes place in a Latin American country.  Is the scenario inspired by events in a particular country or no?

MARTIN ZIMMERMAN I’m Argentine-American, so my awareness of events such as the ones depicted in Seven Spots On The Sun began when I started learning about Argentina’s military dictatorship, which ruled the country from 1976 to 1983.

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