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THE RECOMMENDATION at the Asylum Theatre


  Myron Meisel – The Hollywood Reporter

IAMA Theatre Company returns from its off-Broadway run of two recent productions without breaking stride, with yet another robustly contemporary offering, again characterized by distinctively fresh language. The aspiring son of an Ethiopian immigrant father, Iskinder (Brandon Scott), finds himself simultaneously charmed, fascinated and resentful of his freshman dorm roommate at Brown, Brentwood-raised Feldman (Adam Shapiro), who represents a privileged ease in a connected world characterized by the power of the “recommendation.”   Read more…

Now running through March 9.

SUNNY AFTERNOON at the Asylum Theatre

Deborah Klugman – ArtsBeatLA

Most Americans of a certain age still bear the imprint of that day in Dallas when President Kennedy died.

Sunny Afternoon 2

Like myself and others, writer/director Christian Levantino has had trouble wrapping his head around the official version – the notion that Lee Harvey Oswald was Jack Kennedy’s sole assassin. A nagging skepticism provoked Levantino to write Sunny Afternoon, which speculates on what might have gone down in the Dallas Police Headquarters interrogation room between the time Oswald was apprehended and his murder before TV cameras and in front of millions of Americans two days later.
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Now running through February 1.


Real Housekeepers


Pauline Adamek – LA Weekly


Joe Green’s derivative, amateur and R-rated musical assembles all the beloved maids from TV sitcoms, past and present, and parades them through his nostalgic tribute. The slim premise has divorcee and mother of two teens Ashley (Lani Shipman) vying for an audition on a reality TV show.
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