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Photo by Phi Tran

Photo by Phi Tran

Deborah Klugman – Stage Raw

In 2012, Ilia Volok appeared locally in a stage adaptation of Gogol’s Diary of a Madman, in which he portrayed the mental dissolution of a petty bureaucrat living in Czarist Russia. Volok was compelling to watch even though the cumbrous prose made some of his performance slow going. Read more…

Now running through July 26.

The Santaland Diaries, Blank Theatre

PHOTO CREDIT: Evan Martin.


The Santaland Diaries by David Sedaris.


Pauline Adamek – LA Weekly

The season brings with it enough Christmas- and holiday-themed fare to set your teeth on edge from sugar overload. Fortunately for the cynics among us, the Blank Theatre has brought back its not-safe-for-children, one-man hit show for the fourth year running. Based on comedian David Sedaris’ sardonic radio segments on NPR’s Morning Edition, the show charts the protagonist’s increasingly bizarre experience as a costumed elf at Macy’s department store.  Read more…