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Justin Love, Celebration Theatre

Photo by Michael Lamont.


Justin Love — Book by Patricia Cotter and David Elzer, Story by David Elzer and Bret Calder, Music by Lori Scarlett and David Manning, Lyrics by Lori Scarlett.


Sharon Perlmutter –

Justin Love gives an old plot a modern twist, shines it up with with a bright and upbeat score, adds genuinely clever dialogue and lyrics, and wraps it all up in a Hollywood that only exists in fairy tales. The result is a feel-good musical in the very best sense of the phrase—a show which (even if just for a couple hours) makes you think that dreams can come true, there are no real villains, and maybe, just maybe, barriers to equality aren’t as insurmountable as they seem.  Read more…


David C. Nichols – L.A. Times

Tinseltown tunefully outs itself in Justin Love, triumphantly opening the Celebration Theatre’s 30th anniversary season. Though not without its still-gelling aspects, this witty, full-hearted musical fable about an idealistic Hollywood assistant and the A-Lister he un-closets is as endearing an item as any in the venue’s history.   Read more…


Pauline Adamek – ArtsBeatLA

Fresh and fun, the marvelous new musical about gay closet-life in Hollywood, Justin Love, was eight years in development, and the dedication shows. The storyline is sweet and not-too-predictable, the songs are snappy, upbeat and enjoyable and the direction and staging by Michael Matthews is fluid. While it could be read as a sly dig at a certain high profile actor who adamantly refuses to ‘come out,’ the plot is far more interesting and original than easy satire. Sure, it does poke fun at certain Hollywood archetypes – opportunistic gayboys, harridan bosses and sleazy tabloid journalists – but what keeps you engaged throughout is its sweet romantic core.  Read more…


Dany Margolies –

As with any fairy tale, we know the story but eagerly await the manner of its telling. The hero must make a difference, must battle demons, and probably should end up “the winner.” And likely if you have decided to see this production, you’d approve of the outcome. So, how is the telling?  Read more…


2nd Photo Essay — post show at the 43rd Annual Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle Awards event

Two-time winner Anne Gee Byrd, who won acting honors for both leading performance in All My Sons and featured performance in I Never Sang for My Father.

Prize recipients, nominees, critics, publicists, theater practitioners and aficionadi all mingled in the foyer of A Noise Within’s glamorous theater in Pasadena following the 43rd Annual Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle Awards event, which was held on Monday, March 19, 2012.

For a full list of the nominees, go here.

You can now follow the Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle on twitter via @LADramaCC.

Enjoy this photo essay of the convivial celebration and post-show party.

All photos were taken by Ed Krieger.

Winner of Specialty Award (fight choreography) Eric Anderson for Gospel According to First Squad.



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