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SEX at the Hudson Mainstage

Neal Weaver  – Stage Raw We don’t think of Mae West as a literary figure, but she wrote three plays — Sex, The Drag, and Pleasure Man. All were produced on Broadway, and all were closed by the police on grounds of obscenity.…

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THE DODGERS at the Hudson Mainstage Theatre

Bob Verini  –   Stage Raw Diana Amsterdam’s The Dodgers, now playing at the Hudson Mainstage, deals with a December “Day of Infamy,” but it’s not the one that interrupted Americans’ Sunday morning breakfast with news about something called Pearl Harbor. Just short…

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HOLLYWOOD PARTY at the Hudson Mainstage

Neal Weaver  – Stage Raw  Playwright-director-costume designer Octavio Carlin bills himself as “dress designer to the stars,” and his claims to be a fashion designer have a certain credibility. The gowns he has designed for the ladies of his ensemble are…

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