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KIM’S CONVENIENCE at Laguna Playhouse

Clinton Lowe and Yong Kim. Photo by Jackie Teeple.

Clinton Lowe and Yong Kim. Photo by Jackie Teeple.

Steven Leigh Morris – Stage Raw

Born in the 2011 Toronto Fringe Festival, Korean-Canadian scribe Ins Choi’s widely produced family comedy (spurring a spinoff sitcom on Canadian TV and Netflix) is a paeon to family. It clearly fills a hunger to reinforce embattled institutions (family businesses and family bonds), against children’s quest for independence, and also the pressures of gentrification — and it does so with a fair amount of wit and charm. Future productions of this comedy could likely be funded by any city’s Small Business Administration. Read more…

Through October 9

THE END TIMES at the Skylight Theatre

Photo by Ed Krieger

Photo by Ed Krieger

Deborah Klugman – LA Weekly

Religious ideology and its impact on young minds serves as the theme for playwright Jesse Mu-En Shao’s The End Times, a lean narrative enriched with well-grounded performances and a modest but handsome production design. The play, developed jointly by Playwrights’ Arena and the Skylight Theatre, is cogently directed by Jon Lawrence Rivera. Read more…

Now running through May 15

CINNAMON GIRL at Greenway Court Theatre


Photo by Blake Boyd

Deborah KlugmanStage Raw

Salani (Jennifer Hubilla), the central character in Velina Hasu Houston’s charmless chick lit musical, is a lovely orphaned teen, an upright individual who must contend with poverty, hard labor, and  arrogant or lustful employers before triumphantly attaining freedom and self-realization. The story is set in British Ceylon circa 1939; Read more…

Neal Weaver  – ArtsInLA

The heroine of this world premiere musical, with book and lyrics by Velina Hasu Houston and music by Nathan Wang, is the beautiful adolescent Salani (Jennifer Hubilla), who was born and raised on a cinnamon plantation in Ceylon. Her life becomes unmoored and she is set adrift when her mother is killed in a mysterious fire. Salani seems to be unaware that her mother was the mistress of the master of the plantation, Ranil (Dom Magwilli), but Salani suspects that he is responsible for her mother’s death. Read more…

Now running through April 6.

DALLAS NON-STOP at Atwater Village Theatre

Pauline Adamek  – LA Weekly

Young and naive, Girlie (Sandy Yu) has moved from her Philippines village to the city to train at a regional call center for a major American airline. Obsessed with the TV soap Dallas, Girlie fantasizes about moving there to live a dream life. But her single-minded pursuit and ultimate triumph have a price.
Read more…

Now running through December 9.