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THE 39 STEPS at International City Theatre

Tracey Roman

Tracey Roman

Melinda Schupmann – Arts In LA

When it comes to suspense, Alfred Hitchcock is the acknowledged master. In 1935 he directed The 39 Steps, an adaptation of John Buchan’s popular British spy novel. The hero of the book is Richard Hannay, an ordinary man on the run from the authorities because he is a suspect in a murder.
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Now running through July 8

THE 39 STEPS at the Torrance Theatre Company

Photo courtesy Torrance Theatre Company)

Photo courtesy Torrance Theatre Company)

Dany Margolies – The Daily Breeze

Richard Hannay is world-weary. At 37 years old, returning to prewar London after traveling, he fears there’s nothing left of life. Suddenly remembering the one place that could brighten his outlook, he dashes out — and heads to the theater. Read more…

Now running through April 17

THE 39 STEPS at the Norris Center for the Performing Arts


Photo by Ed Krieger

Dany Margolies  -  Arts In LA

Let’s say the police are after you, but you’re innocent, and they’re actually not police but enemy spies, and your only means of escape is to jump out of a window. But you’re actually an actor, and your window is a picture frame, and your show is filled with delicious silliness. You have no choice but to drop the frame over your head and “slip out” by stepping over it, thus escaping your pursuers and getting laughs.   Read more…

Now running through February 9.