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MAGIC FRUIT- Cornerstone Theatre Company at The Shakespeare Center of Los Angeles

(Photo by Jenny Graham)

(Photo by Jenny Graham)

Neal Weaver  – Stage Raw

This Cornerstone Production of Magic Fruit, written by Michael John Garces and directed by Shishir Kurup, is a dystopian fantasy, loosely based (oddly enough) on Mozart’s The Magic Flute. It asks the question, along with several others: Can we produce enough food to feed Earth’s ever-growing population without destroying the planet?
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Now running through December 11


MACBETH at The Shakespeare Center of Los Angeles

Photo by Jenny Soo

Photo by Jenny Soo

Neal Weaver – Stage Raw

When Mrs. Patrick Campbell was rehearsing for her debut in the role of Hamlet’s Ophelia, her mentor, George Bernard Shaw, gave her a choice piece of advice: “In Shakespeare, the only justification for a pause is a fight or a procession.” It’s not a fundamental law, but it is a useful rule of thumb, and director Caitlin Hart might have been wise to heed it in this rendition of the Scottish play.Read more…

Now running through November 20

LUNATICS AND ACTORS at the Shakespeare Center of Los Angeles


Jenny Lower – Stage Raw

Lunatics & Actors, the latest world premiere by Jeremy Aluma’s clowning troupe Four Clowns, is less a fixed narrative than a series of funny, unpredictable, and menacing vignettes that excavate the distinction between creative performance and insanity.

Pauline Adamek – ArtsBeatLA

Four Clowns’ newest theatrical staging is Lunatics & Actors, written by David Bridel. Bridel’s one-act drama is posited as an anthropological and scientific experiment in progress, with some results and further experimentation being presented this night to a collection of interested persons (being us, the audience).  The play commences when an eccentric neurologist, Dr. Duchenne du Boulogne (Thaddeus Shafer) introduces himself to us and explains his work to date; being the science of electrophysiology. Read more...

Now running through May 28