THE MYSTERY OF EDWIN DROOD at the Actors Co-Op Crossley Theatre

Photo by Lindsay Schnebly

Jonas Schwartz –  Arts In LA

The Actors Co-op modest production of the Tony-winning The Mystery of Edwin Drood strips away the large orchestrations, the amplified mikes, and the harmonizing chorus and focuses on Rupert Holmes’s ribald script. Led by the superbly dry Peter Allen Vogt, Drood makes for an uproarious evening. Read more…

Terry Morgan  –  Stage Raw

You cannot fault Actors Co-op for ambition. In taking on Rupert Holmes’s The Mystery of Edwin Drood, the group has tackled one of the most difficult and large-scale musicals of the past 30 years, and this intimate production is nonetheless a highly enjoyable show of sublimely smart and silly fun. Read more…

Now running through Oct. 26.