THE NIGHT ALIVE at the Geffen Playhouse

Photo by Michael Lamont

Dany Margolies  –  Arts In LA

This Conor McPherson script fits squarely within his oeuvre—of poetic plays about souls seeking human connection in the midst of supernatural forces. However, unlike other Los Angeles productions of his works—including the Geffen Playhouse’s The Seafarer in 2009 and Geffen’s The Weir in 2000—this version lacks a feeling of something deeper and more mysterious going on. Read more…

Pauline Adamek  – Stage Raw

Conor McPherson’s The Night Alive feels like a study in randomness. The action, such that there is, happens in a nondescript Dublin bed-sitting room piled with assorted junk, fast food rubbish and old clothes.

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Now running through March 15.