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Silence! The Musical, Hayworth Theatre

Photo Source: Michael Lamont.


Silence! The Musical by Jon and Al Kaplan (music and lyrics) and Hunter Bell (book).


David C. Nichols — Backstage

The impending Book of Mormon notwithstanding, it’s unlikely that Angelenos will see anything more scabrous or ham’s-holiday funny than Silence! The Musical at the Hayworth Theatre. This “unauthorized parody” of the Oscar-winning thriller is receiving a take-no-prisoners L.A. premiere and in the process decimates its source and the audience. Read more…


Terry Morgan – LAist

When Thomas Harris wrote his classic thriller The Silence of The Lambs, I don’t imagine he ever pictured a troupe of tap-dancing lambs. As Jonathan Demme and Anthony Hopkins collected their Oscars for the film version, it’s doubtful they thought about the story’s main characters doing a tango, complete with the glass partition between them held up as they dance. And yet here we are, decades later, presented with Silence! The Musical. And it’s a good thing, too, because it’s bloody hilarious. Read more…


Pauline Adamek – ArtsBeatLA

Fans of Jodie Foster, Anthony Hopkins, serial killers and musicals – look no further for a rollicking night of entertainment with Silence! The Musical, an over-the-top and ultra-broad spoof of the Oscar-winning high-brow horror movie Silence of the Lambs, all set to music.   Read more…


Bob Verini –

Watching Silence! The Musical can bring on a full-fledged case of déjà vu, flashbacks to the first time you saw Airplane! (1980) or, before that, Blazing Saddles and Young Frankenstein in the ’70s. In each case, a recognizable property or genre was raked over the coals, its tropes and self-seriousness lampooned, its integrity interrupted by modern non sequiturs and general nonsense.  Read more…





Focus Group Play, Katselas Theatre Company

Photo credit: Heather Wynters.


Focus Group Play by Carrie Barrett.


David C. Nichols — L.A. Times

The working title says it all in Focus Group Play. Carrie Barrett’s dark-tinged satire of nutritional marketing research gone awry skewers corporate product testing with agreeable, albeit predigested gusto.  Read more…




The Changeling, Long Beach Playhouse

Photo credit: Long Beach Playhouse


The Changeling by Thomas Middleton and William Rowley, adapted by Dave Barton.


Mayank Keshaviah – LA Weekly

In pre-19th century plays, the language, culture and norms are far enough removed from their modern equivalents that only proper adaptation and direction foster true understanding. With Middleton and Rowley’s Jacobean tragedy, Dave Barton, who handles both, does a serviceable job in terms of comprehensibility, but the effect is at best uneven and at times languorous in terms of dramatic impact. Read more…


Shirle Gottlieb, Gazette Newspapers

If you need proof that the Long Beach Playhouse has revamped its policies, go see The Changeling in its upstairs Studio Theatre. Read more…





Ghost Writer, International City Theatre

Photo by Suzanne Mapes.


Ghost Writer by Michael Hollinger.


Shirl Gottlieb – Gazette Newspapers

When the news got out several months ago, a big smile crept across my face.  International City Theatre is planning to produce the West Coast premiere of Ghost Writer by playwright Michael Hollinger.” Having seen the Fountain Theatre’s outstanding production of Opus, which was extended several times; I was anxious to experience another work by its multi-talented playwright.  Read more…


Dany Margolies, ArtsInLA

The genteel artistry of this production owes much to the script but also to the elegant, graceful, delicate direction of Caryn Desai. “Inspiration makes us wait,” says the play, and Desai heeds the epigram, lingeringly and sedately. And yet sharp shards of more than one broken heart wend their way through the play’s calm exterior. Read more…