EARLY BIRDS at Moving Arts

Photo by Benjamin Simpson

Katie Buenneke – Stage Raw

When it comes to buffets, it seems the early bird does catch the worm — or at least, the early bird gets to eat her food before anyone else touches it. This is the conclusion that Nora (Jean Gilpin) and Ivy (Jayne Taini) reach in Dana Schwartz’s Early Birds. Moving Arts presents this world premiere at the Atwater Village Theatre.

The art for the show, which is used in the marketing materials and on the cover of the program, shows two senior women flashing the ocean from atop a ship. The image is somewhat misleading, for while both Nora and Ivy are gray-haired ladies aboard a cruise who are occasionally foul-mouthed, this isn’t a raunchy comedy, or even much of a comedy at all. It’s amusing at times, sure, but not laugh-out-loud funny.
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Now running through September 7