FOR THE LOVE OF A GLOVE at the Carl Sagan – Ann Druyan Theatre at the Center For Inquiry West

Photo courtesy of Julien Nitzberg

Martίn Hernández – Stage Raw.

Mix a B-movie sci-fi plot with the life story of the “King of Pop,” add some inventive puppetry and a talented and uninhibited ensemble, and the result is a profane, hilarious, and razor-sharp skewering of the pop culture industry, systemic racism and religious hypocrisy. With director Julien Nitzberg’s clever book and lyrics, arranger/composer Drew Erickson’s and composers Nicole Morier’s and Max Townsley’s engaging music, Robin Walsh’s innovative puppets, and Chris Judd lively choreography, the piece also serves up a compassionate portrait of Michael Jackson, a child star who, like Peter Pan, was truly never allowed to grow up. Read more…