I AM NOT MARK TWAIN at Theater/Theatre

Photo by John Flynn

Neal Weaver – LA Weekly

I doubt that anyone has ever thought that Steven Cragg was Mark Twain, but it provides him with a useful gimmick to galvanize his one-man show. He appears costumed and bewigged in a deliberately seedy simulacrum of the outfit worn by Hal Holbrook in his Mark Twain solo show.
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Dany Margolies – Arts In LA

No, he’s not. Steven Cragg dresses up as Mark Twain, he puts on a “Southern” accent, and he tells an oddly tall, oddly metaphoric tale—though, who knows, this one may be true—in this solo show. It seems Cragg would like to be adored, admired, even merely remembered, the way Twain is, when he has shuffled off this mortal coil. But, as Cragg admits, he is not Mark Twain.
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Now running through through Aug. 29.