Photo by Craig Schwartz

Katie Buenneke – Stage Raw.

I must start this review by confessing that this production of Much Ado About Nothing is a victim of my own expectations. Much Ado is my favorite Shakespearean text, and I’ve always respected the craft A Noise Within puts into their productions of the classics. I expected to love this show — but sadly, I was disappointed.

To me, a successful performance of this play hinges on the chemistry between Beatrice and Benedick; their bickering is a form of self-defense. Beatrice indicates that they had once been in a relationship, but it ended poorly. They duel, sparks flying, lashing out to cover their wounded hearts, and there’s delicious dramatic irony because the audience knows that their barbs are just a façade, and they’ll end up happily together by the end of the play. But the aforementioned sparks are absent here. Read more…

Patrick Chavis – LA Theatre Bites

Much Ado About Nothing @ A Noise Within – 9 out of 10 – Exceptional Show! LA Theatre Bites Recommended! More…