RX at the Lost Studio

Melinda Schupmann – Arts In LA

We take pills to sleep, pills to stay awake, pills to diet, pills to prevent pregnancy. Why not a pill to help you like your job? Such is playwright Kate Fodor’s premise in the witty and very contemporary cautionary tale about our societal desire for chemicals to make life easier. The Fodor-concocted Schmidt Pharma is conducting a controlled drug study that could make millions of dollars if successful.
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Margaret Gray – LA Times

Kate Fodor’s clever if uneven comedy “Rx,” in its West Coast premiere at the Lost Studio under the direction of John Pleshette, has a great premise. The Schmidt pharmaceutical company is conducting clinical trials for a new drug, code named SP-925, which specifically targets workplace depression — “a startling drop in norepinephrine levels during the working day,” as neurology team leader Allison Hardy (the wonderful, terrifyingly peppy Kirsten Kollender) explains at a shareholders meeting.  Read more…

Now running through March 1.