SIX the Musical and other theatre briefs

The North American SIX Aragon Tour. Photo: PATRICK GRAY/

Tracey Paleo – Gia On The Move

Six wives, six musical powerhouses and six opportunities to vote for your favorite Tudor Queen!

As brief as their royal reigns (with the exception of first wife Catherine of Aragon) the story of SIX is a nice bit of feminist reductionism and may in fact be the future of musical theater – if you want to attract young audiences.  Which it did.  Hundreds of adoring fans screamed their delight throughout this electrifying Spice Girls-meets-The Voice musical concert on opening night.  Or maybe a portent of shows in this vein to come?  Whatever the case, it seems some of the more modern musicals taking the stage are amping their assets with dazzling effects. Read more…