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I’ll Be Back Before Midnight, Colony Theatre Company

Photo by Michael Lamont.


I’ll Be Back Before Midnight by Peter Colley.


Sharon Perlmutter –

I’ll Be Back Before Midnight is the sort of play that screams “regional theatre staple.” A four-character comic thriller, it doesn’t try to be anything more than what it is: a sometimes funny, sometimes jump-inducing diversion. In its Los Angeles premiere production at the Colony Theatre, it is perfectly executed. This is a show that won’t leave you debating about anything in the car on the way home, but it will leave you smiling, feeling solidly entertained.  Read more…



The Morini Strad, Colony Theatre Company

Photo by Michael Lamont.


The Morini Strad by Willy Holtzman.


Sharon Perlmutter –

I have to admit out front that I’m not a huge fan of “unlikely friendship” plays, in which two complete opposites start out hating each other, but ultimately end up with a mutual respect. Willy Holtzman’s The Morini Strad is a better than average example of the genre, largely because it doesn’t try to oversell the friendship, but also because there’s a bit more to it than that.  Read more…



David C. Nichols – L.A. Times

“When one is young, one hears only the word ‘great.’ When one is less young, one hears only the word ‘next.’ ”  So says the spiky centrifuge of The Morini Strad at the Colony Theatre. In its elegant West Coast premiere, Willy Holtzman’s fact-based drama about virtuoso Erica Morini and the instrument she yearns to restore traces a moving reverie on classical mastery, the realities of aging and the cost of artistic ambition.  Read more…