The Morini Strad, Colony Theatre Company

Photo by Michael Lamont.

The Morini Strad by Willy Holtzman.

Sharon Perlmutter –

I have to admit out front that I’m not a huge fan of “unlikely friendship” plays, in which two complete opposites start out hating each other, but ultimately end up with a mutual respect. Willy Holtzman’s The Morini Strad is a better than average example of the genre, largely because it doesn’t try to oversell the friendship, but also because there’s a bit more to it than that.  Read more…

David C. Nichols – L.A. Times

“When one is young, one hears only the word ‘great.’ When one is less young, one hears only the word ‘next.’ ”  So says the spiky centrifuge of The Morini Strad at the Colony Theatre. In its elegant West Coast premiere, Willy Holtzman’s fact-based drama about virtuoso Erica Morini and the instrument she yearns to restore traces a moving reverie on classical mastery, the realities of aging and the cost of artistic ambition.  Read more…