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Dreamgirls, DOMA Theatre Company

Dreamgirls by Tom Eyen andHenry Krieger. David C. Nichols – L.A. Times Reviewing the 1981 premiere of “Dreamgirls,” critic Frank Richwrote, “When Broadway history is being made, you can feel it.” To paraphrase him, when Equity-waiver history is being made, it can feel you.  Read…

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Walking the Tightrope, 24th Street Theatre

Walking the Tightrope by Mike Kenny. David C. Nichols – L.A. Times Delicately poised between children’s fable and adult reverie at once, only to become another transcendent thing altogether, “Walking the Tightrope” at 24th Street Theatre delivers the evocative, cathartic goods.  Read more… Pauline Adamek – ArtsBeatLA…

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The Snake Can, Odyssey Theatre

The Snake Can by Kathryn Graf. Hoyt Hilsman – The Huffington Post Kathryn Graf’s paen to the perils of middle-aged dating has a solid premiere under the skillful direction of Steven Robmanand a very talented ensemble of actors. Set in the romantic jungle of…

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