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HOW I LEARNED TO DRIVE, Collaborative Artists Ensemble at the Sherry Theater

Photo by Mike Casey

Photo by Mike Casey

Deborah Klugman – Stage Raw

Paula Vogel’s play, How I Learned to Drive, knocked it out of the park for critical acclaim when it opened in 1997. Directed by Mark Brokaw at Manhattan’s Vineyard Theatre, the premiere featured Mary-Louise Parker as a woman recounting the pain of her teen and pre-teen years under the sway of her pedophile uncle, with David Morse as said predator, a soft-spoken well-mannered “Southern boy” infatuated with his prey. As written, the play is an exquisitely shaded portrait of co-dependence and obsession where, notwithstanding the disturbing nature of the material, the humanity of both principal characters is represented in all its compelling complexity. Read more…

Tracey Paleo – Gia On The Move

Confronting your past can be disturbing…Especially when the person you loved most and who you shared your most cherished childhood memories with, was the same person sexually abusing you. More…

IN THE BALANCE at Studio/Stage

(Photo by Riley Beckham)

(Photo by Riley Beckham)

Paul Birchall  – Stage Raw

Playwright A. David Redish’s odd drama is a weird mix of Blithe Spirit and Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf. This pitch is likely to have you thinking that the show might be better than it is. So it gives no me pleasure to note that Steve Jarrard’s awkwardly executed production will leave you thinking you’ve seen a sloppy mess rather than anything mystical and quirky. Read more…

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