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Katierose Donohue Enriquez. Photo by Annie Lesser

Katierose Donohue Enriquez. Photo by Annie Lesser

Deborah Klugman – Stage Raw

“Few neighborhoods have changed as quickly and dynamically as Fishtown,” proclaims the website, a promotional site for the City of Brotherly Love. The text goes on to explain how this once rundown working class neighborhood in the northeast part of the city is now home to a renaissance in culture, dining and nightlife. Displayed are photos of young people with backpacks and bicycles and a diversity of diners sampling the delights the restaurants there have to offer. Read more…

Now through July 9

MR. CHONKERS at The Broadwater – Hollywood Fringe Festival

Mr Chonkers

Dana Martin – Stage Raw

John Norris is a serious actor who doesn’t take anything too seriously and the outcome is very funny. Mr. Chonkers defies definition. It’s a late-night rendezvous with the absurd — a completely ridiculous and thoroughly enjoyable 50 minutes.

The evening is full of good old-fashioned silliness. Mr. Chonkers emerges from the shadows in a cheap monk costume, a nylon sock on his head and with a giant googly eyeball in the center of his nyloned face. He performs uncanny celebrity impressions, superior hand puppetry, an Italian pasta story in a variety of styles, a curtain speech remix, a tiny hat gag, and so much more. Read more…

Now through June 25