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DARKSIDE at the Garage Theatre

hoto by Matt Kollar

hoto by Matt Kollar

Dany Margolies  -  Long Beach Press-Telegram

Emiily is in an ethics class with her fellow classmates when her teacher Mr. Baggot poses a thought experiment conducted by Ethics Man, a superhero moral philosopher. Ethics Man posits a train, hurtling toward a washed-out bridge. But if he switches the tracks, he will certainly kill one boy standing on those safer tracks.  Read more…

Now running through Sept. 5.



Shirle Gottlieb –

If you’ve ever seen anything written by Rajiv Joseph, you know that this brilliant young playwright is fascinated by the concept of why things happen.

In other words, why do different people do what they do? In each work, he courageously explores a different facet of human behavior by slowly peeling away obstacles in the outer layers, so he can access the heart of whatever matter he’s pursuing.

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Now running through through June 27.

SANS MERCI at the Garage Theatre


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Bob Verini -   Arts In LA

Johnna Adams’s Gidion’s Knot, as presented by the Furious Theater Company in Pasadena, was one of the more scintillating local attractions of 2013. It brought together two women under great strain—a mother whose little boy had committed suicide, and the teacher charged with looking out for him—and in the course of 90 gripping minutes led them into solving a mystery and reaching an epiphany.

  Adams’s new play is another confrontation between women in extremis:   Read more…

Trojan Barbie, Garage Theatre


Trojan Barbie by Christine Evans.


Shirle Gottlieb — Gazette Newspapers

The Garage Theatre celebrated its 51st production last weekend with the opening of Trojan Barbie. Written by Christine Evans, first place winner in the “Plays for the 21st Century” competition, it explores the similarities of modern warfare in the Middle East with Euripides’ Greek tragedy, The Trojan Women.   Read more…