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Hungry Woman at Casa 0101

David C. Nichols – L.A. Times

“This is either the longest suicide note in history, or the juiciest, dirtiest, most delicious confession you’ll ever hear,” begins “Hungry Woman” at Casa 0101. Food, family and post-feminist freedom are the chief thematic ingredients in playwright Josefina López’s witty, compelling fantasia, and though still refining, it’s perhaps her richest work yet.   Read more…








Deborah Klugman – LA Weekly

Adapted from her novel Hungry Woman in Paris, Josefina López’s play gives voice to Latina women under siege by their culture. Depressed and dissatisfied, Canela (Rachel González), at 29, is being pressured by her family to marry and have kids. When her lifelong gal-pal kills herself, Canela flees to Paris, searching for self-fulfillment and abandoning her career as a journalist to study cooking at a frou-frou culinary arts school.
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