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THE NORMAL HEART at the Fountain Theatre


Photo by Ed Krieger


Les Spindle – Edge on the Net

In chronicling the beginning of a momentous chapter in the history of gay culture, namely the initial outbreak of the AIDS epidemic in the early 1980s, Larry Kramer’s watershed play “The Normal Heart” offers a deeply moving snapshot of an era, while imparting timeless truths.
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Bob Verini – ArtsInLA

Almost 30 years after its premiere, Larry Kramer’s The Normal Heart still packs a wallop, though it’s a different kind of wallop from that which first stunned audiences in the record-breaking long run at New York’s Public Theater. Back then, the fury over governmental, institutional, and (to a large extent) public indifference to the “gay plague” …..
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Neal Weaver – LA Weekly

When the AIDS plague emerged in 1981, writer-activist Larry Kramer was devastated to learn that the larger society wasn’t remotely concerned that gay men were dying by the thousands, and the gay community was refusing to admit its own responsibility. He set out to call the world to account, and tell unpopular truths to power. Driven by his own passionate concern, he launched ham-fisted attacks in all directions, making himself hated and resented.
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Terry Morgan  -  LAist

When Larry Kramer’s The Normal Heart premiered in 1985, its urgent message about the AIDS crisis somewhat (and understandably) overshadowed its success as a brilliant piece of theatre. While that message of caution is still timely as people have mistakenly begun to believe that AIDS is a thing of the past, the primary joy of the Fountain Theatre’s current revival of the show is the demonstration of what a strong, smart, character-driven play it is. The production is excellent on all levels, from Simon Levy’s dynamic direction to the outstanding ensemble, with Tim Cummings delivering an electrifying, career-best lead performance. Read more…

Now running through November 3.