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THE BODYGUARD at the Pantages Theatre

The Bodyguard

Erin Conley – On Stage & Screen

Not many musicals literally start with a bang. In the case of The Bodyguard: the Musical, now playing at the Pantages Theatre in Los Angeles, an opening gunshot was both very startling and pretty effective at getting the stragglers to settle into their seats. Read more…

Rob Stevens – Haines His Way

The 1992 film The Bodyguard starred Kevin Costner in the title role and featured the film debut of singing superstar Whitney Houston. The film received seven Golden Raspberry Award nominations, including Worst Picture, and has a score of 32% on Rotten Tomatoes yet it was the second highest grossing film worldwide that year. Read more…

Dany Margolies – The Daily News

If in 1992 the films on your must-see list included “Reservoir Dogs,” “The Player,” “Howard’s End,” “Orlando” or even “Wayne’s World,” Lawrence Kasdan’s “The Bodyguard” probably didn’t make the cut. But that film has indeed been musicalized and brought to the stage, adapted by Alexander Dinelaris. Its national tour is basking at Hollywood’s Pantages Theatre, where the late Whitney Houston’s legion of fans can hear her megahits receive full power-ballad treatment. Read more…

Pauline Adamek – ArtsBeatLA

Now playing at the Pantages Theatre in Hollywood and it’s the closest thing you’ll get to hearing the late, great pop star Whitney Houston sing live. All up, this is a fantastically entertaining show. The pace is snappy and the staging is fluid.   Read more…


Now running through May 21

AN AMERICAN IN PARIS at the Pantages Theatre


Erin Conley – On Stage & Screen

“When you think of Paris, what comes to mind?” This question, posed somewhat oddly to the audience, sets the tone for An American in Paris, the musical adaptation of the 1951 film of the same name now playing at the Pantages Theatre in Hollywood.   Read more…

Jonas Schwartz -  Arts In LA

Most musicals either grab the audience or do not. It’s a risk to leave the audience a bit unsettled by intermission since there’s the chance people may walk out. An American in Paris takes that gamble, never giving audiences the assurance that the dangling story lines will ever gel, but by Act Two, it’s clear that the adaptation of the Oscar-winning 1951 musical is in very assured hands and quite a marvel. Read more…

Now running through April

FINDING NEVERLAND at the Pantages Theatre

Photo by

Photo by Jeremy Daniel

Rob Stevens – Haines His Way

Finding Neverland was a charming, heart-warming 2004 film about British playwright J.M. Barrie and the family that inspired him to write his immortal classic Peter Pan. Read more…

Erin Conley – On Stage & Screen

Second star to the right and straight on ’til morning… Peter Pan is an iconic story, and the musical adaptation of Finding Neverland, currently playing at the Pantages Theatre in Los Angeles, tells but one iteration. Read more…

Margaret Gray – LA Times

The touring production of “Finding Neverland,” about how J.M. Barrie came to write “Peter Pan” in the early 1900s, may well inspire a new generation of young playwrights.Read more…

Dany Margolies – The Daily Breeze

Despite being a musical about a soaring imagination, “Finding Neverland” somehow feels coldly leaden. It tells of the Scottish playwright and novelist J.M. Barrie, who created Peter Pan, and the writer’s relationship with an English mother’s four very young sons, whom he met in a park. Red flags going up? You’re not alone. Read more…

Now running through March 12

THE KING AND I at the Pantages Theatre

Photo by Matthhew Murphy

Photo by Matthew Murphy

Erin Conley – On Stage and Screen

The production of the Rodgers & Hammerstein classic The King & I that won four Tony Awards, including Best Revival, in 2015 has made its way to Los Angeles just in time for the holidays.    Read more…

Rob Stevens – Haines His Way

The King and I was the fifth collaboration between composer Richard Rodgers and lyricist/dramatist Oscar Hammerstein II, following their classics Oklahoma, Carousel, South Pacific and their flop Allegro.   Read more…

Jonas Schwartz -  TheaterMania

The national tour of director Bartlett Sher’s revival of The King and I, now making a stop at the Hollywood Pantages Theatre, is scrumptiously produced, a visual feast worthy of the exotic musical. Read more…

F. Kathleen Foley – LA Times

Twentieth-century French literary maven François Mauriac once observed, “If you would tell me the heart of a man, tell me not what he reads, but what he rereads.” Read more…

Deborah Klugman – LA Weekly

Anna and the King of Siam first emerged in popular culture in 1944 as a novel by Margaret Langdon, which she based on the memoirs (now considered suspect) of Anna Harriette Leonowens, a British widow who taught English in the court of the King of Siam between 1862 and 1867. Read more…

Dany Margolies  -  Arts In LA

In mid-Victorian days, a Siamese king and an English activist-educator came together in a clash of cultures. That pairing inspired memoirs, then a novel, then films and stage musicals. Read more…

Now running through January 21

HEDWIG AND THE ANGRY INCH at the Pantages Theatre

Photo by Joan Marcus

Photo by Joan Marcus

Terry Morgan  -  Stage Raw

When a tale that features a botched sex-change operation, plenty of blow job references and raunchy audience interaction can fill the generally conservative Pantages, something special must be happening.

The special thing is John Cameron Mitchell and Stephen Trask’s Hedwig and the Angry Inch….. Read more…

Dany Margolies – The Daily Breeze

Now a Broadway musical on its national tour, “Hedwig and the Angry Inch” began life in 1990s glam-punk clubs. Late in that decade, the material made its way to Los Angeles, produced by David Bowie in Hollywood, then returned to its club-…Read more…

Margaret Gray – LA Times

When I was a kid watching cartoon on TV in New Jersey, I saw ads for Broadway shows: “Annie,” “Peter Pan,” “Barnum,” “Evita” — fascinating, frustrating teasers that left plot lines mysterious and chords unresolved. I remember quizzing my parents about Argentina and why it should or shouldn’t cry for Eva Peron. Read more…

Now running through November 27


CABARET at the Pantages Theatre


Dany Margolies – The Daily Breeze

What a fun, frolicsome summer musical “Cabaret” is! Get your tickets now to this cheery confection!

Do you see how easy it is to act based on a few words of what you want to hear? To not read further, to fail to ask for supporting facts, to act on simple-minded catchphrases without thinking two steps ahead? Read more…

Now running through August 7

BULLETS OVER BROADWAY at the Pantages Theatre


Les Spindle –  Edge on the Net

Writer-director Woody Allen’s memorable 1994 film comedy“Bullets Over Broadway” served up a touch of vintage Billy Wilder (a la “Some Like It Hot” and “One, Two, Three”) driven by Allen’s trademark genius for mixing a farcical story with darker elements and trenchant humor. Read more…

Margaret Gray – LA Times

How seriously do you take your art? Would you kill for it? Literally?

Those are the questions that animate “Bullets Over Broadway,” Woody Allen‘s delicious cinematic parable about the struggle between creative greatness and human goodness. The backstage thriller, released in 1994, seems tailor-made for Broadway. You’d think the title would have caught producers’ eyes long ago as they trolled Netflix for material. Read more…

Bob Verini  -   Stage Raw

My Depression-era dad and his brothers were proud possessors of BB guns, but targets were few and far between in the Bronx at that time, neighborhood cats being off limits and tin cans in particularly high demand.

So they chose to conduct target practice on a whole slew of vintage 78 RPM pop recordings: Bing Crosby, Russ Columbo, Sophie Tucker and other luminaries of the vaudeville and legit stages. (“They suited the purpose,” my father reported dryly, and he confessed to a particular frisson of pleasure when a Rudy Vallee number was tossed in the air.) Read more…

Dany Margolies – The Daily News

Instead of heading to the Pantages over the next few weeks for the national tour of the musical “Bullets Over Broadway,” you could stay home and Netflix Woody Allen’s 1994 film. But you’d miss a handful of lively performances, William Ivey Long’s magnificent costumes, and nearly two dozen American standards played by a superb pit band and sung with verve. Read more…

Now running through January 24.

IF/THEN at the Pantages Theatre

Idina Menzel and James Snyder in If Then photo by Joan Marcus  40r

Deborah Klugman – LA Weekly

Since it premiered on Broadway in March 2014, a number of theater writers have commented on how the range and power of lead diva Idina Menzel transforms Tom Kitt and Brian Yorkey’s so-so musical into a show well worth seeing. Read more…

Bob Verini  -   Stage Raw

The Pantages is playing happy host to Idina Menzel in the national tour of If/Then, the latest crest in a really remarkable career to date.

She first came to prominence in 1996 by creating the role of Maureen in Rent, and copping a Tony nomination for her work. A few years later she brought home the Tony as the very first Elphaba in Wicked, then tore up the soundtrack of Disney’s Frozen as Elsa the Ice Queen, and scored another Tony nomination and a year’s run for If/Then on Broadway. Read more…

Dany Margolies – The Daily News

“If/Then” posits the astounding revelation that if each of us had taken a different path, our lives would be different. Running for a month at Pantages Theatre, the musical’s national tour also brings along its Broadway stars, for better or worse. Read more…

Now running through January 3.

MOTOWN THE MUSICAL at the Pantages Theatre

Photo by Joan Marcus

Photo by Joan Marcus

Bob Verini -   Arts In LA

Is there a more critic-proof title out there than Motown the Musical? Not only does it indicate exactly what it is (an overview of the recording powerhouse founded by Berry Gordy) and what it contains (three decades’ worth of soulful hits), but the audience at which it’s aimed couldn’t possibly be deterred by anything negative anyone said. Read more…

Now running through June 7.

NEWSIES at the Hollywood Pantages Theatre

Charles T. Erickson

Photo by T. Charles Erickson

Bob Verini -   Arts In LA

A good rule of thumb for movie-to-musical adaptations is—and this isn’t original with me; I’ve heard it from many of my buddies in the tuner biz—if you’re dealing with a great movie, do something to keep it great, but do so in a distinctly different way.  Read more…

David C. Nichols – LA Times

Unbridled zeal and nonstop zest propel “Newsies” in Hollywood. The North American tour of Alan Menken, Jack Feldman and Harvey Fierstein’s adaptation of the 1992 film about the Manhattan newspaper boys’ strike of 1899 sailed into the Pantages Theatre on Wednesday, and the walls may still be vibrating as you read this. Read more…

Now running through April 19.


KINKY BOOTS at the Pantages Theatre

Photo by Lawrence K. Ho, Los Angeles Times

Photo by Lawrence K. Ho, Los Angeles Times

Margaret Gray – LA Times

Would you believe that in the Broadway juggernaut “Kinky Boots,” which has just arrived at the Pantages Theatre, nobody even wears boots?

Of course you wouldn’t. I’m kidding. The show, which won six Tonys last year, including awards for musical, choreography and score, fulfills half of the promise of its title: boots, and plenty of ‘em. By the end of the evening, the stage has become a forest of colorful, thigh-high, stiletto-heeled, feathered and tasseled and sequined contraptions that look as though they could snap a badly planted ankle like a twig. Read more…

Dany Margolies  -  Arts In LA

Please, if you can’t tolerate disco music and you loathe musicals about accepting people for who they are, skip this one. If, however, you appreciate the propulsive glory of that musical genre, and if the theme of acceptance cheers you, this show is worth your while. Read more…


Now running through November 30.

PIPPIN at the Pantages Theatre


Photo by Terry Shapiro

Bob Verini -   Arts In LA

Diane Paulus’ circus-themed Pippin revival is every bit as good as you’ve heard, and then some. It invests the famously thin libretto (crafted by Roger O. Hirson in 1972) with so much conviction, and so bathes it in an overlay of gorgeous lighting (many thanks, Kenneth Posner), acrobatics, juggling, and gymnastics, that it actually sustains the illusion, over two and a half hours, that something meaningful is going on. This is no small feat. Read more…

Now running through November 9.