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SLAUGHTER CITY at The Historic Lankershim Arts Center

John Klopping

John Klopping

Terry Morgan  -  Stage Raw

The plight of the blue-collar worker and the struggle of union versus management is undeniably a worthy subject for drama. This is especially so now, when unions seem to be disappearing and blue-collar workers have watched their jobs become mechanized or shipped overseas. So a play about these topics should be most welcome.
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Now running through July 14

URINETOWN at the Historic Lankershim Arts Center

Photo by Nardeep Khurmi

Photo by Nardeep Khurmi

Paul Birchall  – Stage Raw

It is a terrible thing for a theater critic to admit, but I’d never seen this scabrously funny Tony Award-winning musical, about the price put on the most fundamental of bodily functions, before attending the Coeurage Theatre Company’s fresh and sprightly production.    Read more…

Now running through February 25