BLOOD SUPPLY: A Zombie Apocalypse Love Story at Theatre 68 Arts Complex – The Emerson

Photo by Rachel Gray

Socks Whitmore – Stage Raw

It’s not often the words “love” and “zombie” are paired together—and it’s even rarer to see them alongside the words “new musical.” Set one year after the onset of the dreaded zombie virus, Blood Supply: A Zombie Apocalypse Love Story is a folk rock saga that has populated the Emerson Theatre stage with its world premiere shamble. The two-act show follows Sadie, a blind woman who is left for dead by her fellow survivors after her father is turned, and the relationship she forms with Harold, a zombie microbiologist who uses his remarkable sentience to pass as a (sickly-looking) human. Meanwhile, a plot stirs at the junkyard where Sadie’s ex-gang ends up under the dictatorship of Alec Baldwin gone rogue. Blood Supply marks multi-hyphenate Holly Anne Mitchell’s playwriting debut, adding ever more unconventionalism to the production if you look at her background as a leadership coach, hypnotist, and former dentist. Mitchell notes that this production is dedicated to her late partner Evan and has deep connections to the personal and collective apocalypses from her own life experience. For her, this show is part of a healing process focused on themes of love and the urgency of life; “You never know what’s going to happen… you figure out what’s important, and love is important.” Read more…